Teddy Bear Gift Basket and Fun Baskets

These teddy bear gift baskets will doubly warm the heart of someone special.  As well as an adorable bear, your recipient will get a basket of goodies.  Choose from healthy fruit, tasty cookies, a flower bouquet or a fun miniature Radio Flyer wagon.  Make someone's day today!
Large Fruit Basket and Bear Large Fruit Basket and Bear

This large colorful fruit basket and teddy bear is perfect for a family or office gift.  Its wide assortment of colorful fruits will be both admired and then eaten! (just don't get carried away and eat the bear!)  These fruit baskets should usually be ordered at least a day in advance.  Your actual bear may vary but he's sure to be super-cute!

Teddy Bear Gift Cookies Basket Teddy Bear Gift Cookies Basket

This cuddly 11 inch tall plush bear is surrounded by eighteen delicious chocolate chip cookies and an "Especially For You" pick in a wicker basket.  Send your very best wishes with this adorable teddy.

Cellophanes miniature radio flyer wagon teddy bear gift basket Miniature Radio Flyer Wagon Teddy Bear Gift Basket

An authentic miniature Radio Flyer Wagon teddy bear gift basket filled with toys is the perfect gift for a bear lover and is also ideal to celebrate a new baby or first birthday.  The seamless steel body, working handle with solid grip and durable molded wheels are certain to bring many hours of fun and entertainment.  The wagon is filled with a plush "Chester" Teddy Bear, a hand/foot print kit and a hardcover story book. The adorable wagon comes fully assembled, measuring 13" x 8", and standing 6" tall.

Bear-y Sweet Teddy Bear Gift Basket Bouquet Bear-y Sweet Teddy Bear Gift Basket Bouquet

Send something beautiful, fresh and cuddly - something that's all three! A cuddly teddy bear is a sweet pick-me-up for any occasion, for a friend or loved one. Placed inside a gift basket of Carnations, Asters, Cushion Poms, spray Roses, and mini Carnations, trimmed with Ivy and Pittosporum, is a beary sweet stuffed bear.

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