Halloween Bear and Teddy Bears

They may look scary but they're just pretending!  Our Halloween teddy bears are out to have a bit of harmless fun.  We feature plush bears for all budgets, including a charming bear figurine with a uniquely special spooky characteristic.
All Treats Halloween Bear All Treats Halloween Bear

No tricks…All Treats proudly wears her black felt cape with matching hat, with her very own Jack O' Lantern and straw broom. Made of the finest reddish blond mohair with black felt paws, Steiff's friendly Halloween bear witch is a highly collectible must have!

North American Limited Edition of only 2000 pieces.

Hocus the Halloween Beanbag Bear Hocus the Halloween Beanbag Bear

Hocus, the sparkled orange chenille beanbag bear is all ready for Halloween.  He is wearing a witch hat and a plaid ribbon.  This cute plush bear is 18 inches in height.

Halloween Bear in Bat Costume Halloween Teddy Bear in Bat Costume

All dressed up in his bat costume, this Halloween teddy bear definately looks the part to go haunting on the big night.  He carries his very own pumpkin, upon which he's carved out a scary face.  Your Batty For Treats Bear is 8" tall.

Endora Spellbound - Boyds Plush Halloween Bear Endora Spellbound - Boyds Plush Halloween Bear

Endora Spellbound is all dressed up as a witch for Halloween.  This Boyds bear wears a cotton paisley print dress accented with black velvet.  To complete her outfit she also has a matching black velvet hat and cape.  She has a little friend with her too - a bean-filled velvet black cat!
# 81004

Halloween Li'l Devil Bear Halloween Li'l Devil Bear

He looks scary, but he's really a cute little devil!  Dressed up in his halloween costume, this li'l bear is trying his best to look frightening.  To help him on his way, he carries his very own spooky pumpkin.  He stands 8" tall - place him inside your doorway and he'll scare away any unwelcome guests!

Candy B. Corn - Boyds Plush Halloween Bears Candy B. Corn - Boyds Plush Halloween Bears

Candy has decided to dress, not as a spook, but as her favorite Halloween treat!  Your plush mocha bear is dressed in a velvet tri-toned candy corn suit and features felt paw and foot pads.  Candy, made by quality bearmakers, Boyds Bears, is 6" tall.
# 919633

Halloween Witch Bear Halloween Witch Bear

All ready to fly on her witches broomstick, this halloween witch bear is set for a fun night.  She carries her very own pumpkin lantern, and is 8" tall.  To complete the spooky effect, she's wearing her witches hat too!

Griselda Bear - Add A Little Hocus-Pocus To Every Halloween Griselda Teddy Bear - Add A Little Hocus-Pocus To Every Halloween

This clever Halloween figurine makes a surprisingly spooky sound when anyone dares to pick it up!  Griselda the teddy bear is of to have fun in her Halloween costume.  Trundling along behind her is a smiling pumpkin, wearing a hat which matches Griselda's!
Item #848549

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