Native American Indian Bear T-Shirt

Celebrate a togetherness with nature in a fashionable Native American Indian bear T-shirt.  Made of 100% cotton, it features a fabulous front and back print.
Native American Indian Bear T-Shirt Native American Indian Bear T-Shirt

This classy T-shirt illustrates the mutually respectful relationship between the Native American Indians and the wild bear.  Many Indian tribes respected these strong, beautiful creatures. The Blackfeet Indians relied on the spirt world for protecton from the danger and uncetainty of a harsh world where attacks by hostile tribes or wild animals were constant threats.  For these plains Indians, the grizzly bear was second only to the buffalo in his supernatural powers.  He was revered for his strength, agility, vitality and apparent invulnerability to arrows and bullets as well as to other animals.  The bear also possessed great wisdom, and the ability to seek out and find herbs to heal his own wounds.

Many Plains Indians expressed the four cardinal points of the compass in terms of animals.  The west was represented by the bear, with the mountain lion representing the north, the wildcat the south, and the wolf standing for the east.

The Bear Dance was once practiced by Indians throughout California.  The Indians see themselves as related to everything, but the bears are their closest relatives because they have lived together and always respected one another.  The Bear Dance brings healing and good health.

The first moon of January each year was called the Bear moon by members of the Winnebago Bear Clan.  This is because it is at that time when the bear cubs are born, and when the bears begin to lick their paws.  Both observations are scientifically accurate.  Bears commonly lick their paws in late winter and during early spring because their calloused foot pads and toe pads flake off during hibernation, and the new exposed skin has not yet toughened up.  According to Winnebago clan belief, snow during the Bear Moon indicated that another cub had been born and that the bears, who had control of the weather, were calling for fresh snow to wash their young.

Get this 100% Cotton T-shirt today and celebrate the Native American Indian's respect of bears and all of the wonders of nature.

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