Easter Teddy Bears

These Easter teddy bears will shine a ray of light on a very special time of year.  We feature collectible Boyds plush bears, as well as fabulous Boyds Bearstones.  Plus, for a fun touch, why not get a Yogi The Easter Bear video, featuring Yogi in a special seasonal story.

Egbert Q. Bearsford Boyds Plush Teddy Bear Egbert Q. Bearsford - Boyds Plush Easter Teddy

The Head Bean was puttin' the finishing touches on an Easter egg...when, suddenly, the top popped off! The sweetest little Boyds bear emerged - our snowy white, bean-filled Egbert Q. Bearsford. He's redressed in his own velvet egg suit (in some brand new colors) - complete with a back Velcro closure for easy removal.

Boyds Plush Kimmy Kimmy - Boyds Plush Easter Bear

Kimmy, a T.J.'s Best Dressed bear, is made from a snow-white plush.  She features a voile, floral-print bow and includes Easter Egg Embroidery on her tootsie!

April Mae Boyds Plush April Mae - Boyds Plush

The rain has passed, and April's ready to plant her Spring flowers!  This snow white Easter bear is dressed in a checked top, matching cuffed shorts, and a checked bow, and features velvet paw pads.

Watson - Boyds Bearstones 73107 Watson - Boyds Bearstones

A great collectible piece to display with your Easter and Springtime decor! Watson, a Crumpleton bear, is dressed in a starched bunny suit and paints his very own Easter egg!

Boyds brand new group of mixed media masterpieces combine resin, foam, and fabric mache to give a "crumpled appearance" to our favorite little critters.  They make a perfect gift and are highly cherished collectibles.

Yogi the Easter Bear Video Yogi the Easter Bear Video

This fun Yogi Bear video is perfect for all ages.  Kids and older fans alike will enjoy Yogi's antics.  Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo must save the Easter Bunny who's been kidnapped by thugs out to ruin Easter.  Can they do it in time before Mister Ranger ships them off to the Siberian Circus?  Well he is smarter than the average bear.

Available in VHS format, Yogi the Easter Bear is a Film Advisory Board Award winner.

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