Steiff Christmas Teddy Bears

Get these highly collectible Steiff Teddy Bears in time to add some very special Christmas cheer this festive season.
Wonder of Christmas Limited Edition Collector's Set Wonder of Christmas Limited Edition Collector's Set - M.I. Hummel

This is an extremely collectable set, thus the price is a little more expensive than many items featured.  The figurine is a 1st Issue 1998 model made of quality porcelain bisque.  There is a Backstamp on the figurine, which comes complete with a highly collectible Limited Edition Steiff Mohair Bear.  Item # 156027, the height is 7".

Steiff Christmas Sledge Set 2002 Steiff Christmas Sledge Set 2002

Created in 2002 with lots of lovingly designed details, the 2002 Christmas sledge set invites you on an exclusive sledging excursion.  Two teddy bears, wrapped up warmly in woollen scarves and hats, are out to play with a metal sledge made in a wrought-iron look, produced especially for Steiff. Its beech backrest bears a Steiff logo in old brass and the lantern has a mouthblown glass insert. Teddy bear one is light brown and 9 centimeters. Teddy bear two is light brown and 16 centimeters. These high quality bears have mohair woven fur, are jointed, and are surface washable. Limited edition of 3,000 pieces worldwide. EAN037979.

Steiff Christmas Tree Topper Bear Steiff Christmas Tree Topper Bear

The white mohair angel bear with her heavenly wings is three way jointed and carries with her a golden star wand.  She is perfect to adorn your Christmas tree and so sweet that you will want to display her the whole year long.

This North American Exclusive Steiff bear is limited to 2003 Production.

Bear Necessities Coca-Cola Santa with Teddy Bear

A refreshing Duo! Coca-Cola was invented in an Atlanta backyard in 1886, and is now enjoyed worldwide. Steiff has recreated two well-known Coca-Cola advertising icons - the Santa doll, based on the illustrations of Haddon Sundblom, and the Polar Bear Cub. Both are certain to become family treasures.

Worlwide limited edition of 10,000 pieces.

Steiff Christmas Swiss Music Box  - Reuge Steiff Christmas Swiss Music Box - Reuge

New for Christmas 2003! This Santa Claus Teddy bear, dressed in a traditional red robe along with his wooden sleigh filled with gifts, and a friendly fawn rest by the snow tipped trees atop an original Swiss music box by Reuge. EAN037795. Size: 10 cm (4 inches.). Limited edition of 1,000 pieces worldwide.

Steiff Teddy Bear with Nutcracker Steiff Teddy Bear with Nutcracker

Created in for 2002, this elegant wood carving from the Erzgebirge region in Germany is charmingly united with the Christmas toy tradition.  The elaborately crafted Teddy bear is holding a tiny painted nutcracker, which can actually be used for cracking your Christmas nuts, and has been made to old designs exclusively for Steiff by a long-established company in Seiffen.  This charming bear is russet colored, 26 cm in height, with mohair woven fur.  He is jointed, and surface washable. Limited edition of 3,000 pieces worldwide. EAN037955.

Steiff Santa's Express Steiff Santa's Express

Made in 2002, this Santa Claus Teddy bear, dressed beautifully down to the last detail, is bringing Christmas post straight from fairyland.  He has loaded lots of presents packed in nostalgic wrapping paper onto his beech carriage, which is decorated with metal signs showing Steiff advertising motifs from the years around 1910. To move the elaborate spoked carriage wheels, two mohair horses mounted on wooden wheeled boards are pulling hard in their hand-made leather harnesses. This extremely cute Steiff teddy bear is blond, jointed and measures 13 centimeters. The two horses are reddish-brown and measure 20 cm. The mohair woven fur is surface washable. Limited edition of 2,002 pieces worldwide. This item is for ornamental display purposes and does not comply with the European directive covering toys. EAN037986.

Steiff Teddy Christmas Caroler Steiff Teddy Christmas Caroler

New for Christmas 2003. Let this cheerful five-way jointed blond mohair bear brighten up your home with his lantern and carols. He is dressed for the season in his warm scarf and classy top hat, hand-made from Marolin papier-mache.  Size: 25 cm (10 inches). Limited edition of 2,000 pieces worldwide. EAN037801.

Steiff Christmas Snowflake Ornament Steiff Christmas Snowflake Ornament

New for 2003! The icy blue and white mohair bear is encased within a beautiful felt snowflake. He is sure to bring shivers of excitement during the Christmas Season. Limited Edition: 2003. Size: 10 cm (4 in.) EAN: 666971.


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