Boyds Bearstones Figurines of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

These collectible Boyds Bearstones figurines celebrate the Teddy Bear version of A Christmas Carol by the Author, Charles Dickens.  Written in the winter of 1843, the book presents a heartwarming story of how a world weary and dark heartened individual, Ebenezer Scrooge, experiences a change of heart.  He is visited by three spirits who show him how the darkness within his soul so negatively affect himself and others.  The visitations of these ghosts of Christmas past, present and future inspire Scrooge to alter his entire outlook on life.  The novel is so well written that it has been enjoyed by millions for over 150 years.  People all over the world are inspired by the story, and collectible teddy bear makers, Boyds, have created these charming figurines in celebration of this timeless classic.
Scrooge McBear Bah Humbug from Boyds Bearstones Scrooge McBear - Bah Humbug from Boyds Bearstones

The folks at Boyds put their heads together (very dangerous) and came up with a new twist on an old Christmas Tale. Their Bearstones Christmas Carol is just like Charles Dickens' classic, minus a ghost or two!.  Scrooge McBear is shown here making his way to bed on the night before Christmas.  He doesn't really mean Bah Humbug, we're sure!  #228333PAW

The Ghost of Christmas Present by Boyds Bearstones The Ghost of Christmas Present - It's not Too Late

Laden with gifts, this is the best kind of ghost!  He has come on Christmas Eve to show Ebenezer Scrooge Mc Bear that it's not too late to warm up his heart.  Despite what people may think of him, Scrooge is a wise old bear.  He listens intently, watches and learns that there is so much potential for him to spread good and happiness.  He sees that this potential is at the risk of being lost forever.  Inspired by this ghost, Scrooge makes a life changing decision to do what he can to make the world a better place in whatever small ways he can.  #228335PAW

Ebeneezer Scrooge Mcbear by Boyds Bearstones Scrooge Mc Bear's Change of Heart by Boyds Bearstones

Boyds' A Bearstone Christmas Carol continues with the Paw Dealer Exclusive Scrooge Mc Bear, who's feelin' as giddy as a schoolboy on Christmas morning.  Our magical Bearstone is set on a sparkle snow base and carries a Christmas bonus for Bob Cratchit: a basket of fruit and holly, a pine tree, and a bag of gold coins which are spilling all over the ground!  #228374PAW

Bob C. & Tiny T. Bear from Boyds Bearstones 228334PAW Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim Bears by Boyds Bearstones

Scrooge's faithful employee, Bob Cratchit is happier than ever this Christmas.  He has seen such an amazing transformation in his boss, and has even been given some Christmas gifts from Scrooge this year.  In fact, these are the best presents he has ever had.  He is depicted walking through the winter snow, carrying his happy son, Tiny Tim.  #228334PAW


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