Patriotic Teddy Bears

These patriotic teddy bears make great additions to your home. They are perfect for bear collectors and anyone who appreciates the USA and the free American way of life. Fly the US flag with these charming little animals.

As well as the bear friends here,we also feature a lovely choice of plush teddies here at Bears In The Barn, plus you can also find crystal bears and wall hangings plus all types of bear stuff from various great online stores. We bring it all together here at Bears In The Barn so you can compare prices and even leave your reviews at the bottom of the page.

I Will Bear Witness, Volume 1: A Diary of the Nazi Years I Will Bear Witness, Volume 1: A Diary of the Nazi Years

When the secret World War II diaries of Victor Klemperer, a distinctive historian at the University of Dresden, a German patriot, and a Jew, were published in Germany two years ago, they became a huge bestseller. "The acclaim is the result of Victor Klemperer's evocative literary gift, his power of observation", Amos Elon wrote in The New York Times Magazine. "No one had been so clear-sighted from die extremely first as he had been about the unmitigated horror of Nazism. Day in, day out, Klemperer comments on current affairs: on Hitler's speeches and the elimination of all opposition, on the racial laws, on the war's progress. There are vibrant accounts of events he witnesses, conversations he overhears, and character studies of victims and victimizers, fanatics and opportunists of all sorts. All this, and the narrowing horizons of his own private world, produces a nightmarish picture of life inside a society gone berserk; the inferno is an artful mosaic, made up of endless fragments of meanness". Klemperer's diaries are a work of literature as well as a revelation -- the only one we have -- of the day-by-day horror of Nazi Germany.


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Boyds Patriotic Bears are super-cute collectible teddy bear friends.

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