Patriotic Teddy Bears

These patriotic teddy bears make great additions to your home. They are perfect for bear collectors and anyone who appreciates the USA and the free American way of life. Fly the US flag with these charming little animals.

As well as the bear friends here,we also feature a lovely choice of plush teddies here at Bears In The Barn, plus you can also find crystal bears and wall hangings plus all types of bear stuff from various great online stores. We bring it all together here at Bears In The Barn so you can compare prices and even leave your reviews at the bottom of the page.

830491 50 ft. Bear and Nuisance Animal Fence Kit 830491 50 ft. Bear and Nuisance Animal Fence Kit

The Bear and Nuisance Animal Fence Kit is a superb way to safely and effectively protect beehives, garbage bins, compost piles, feed grain, fruit trees, small campsites, and more. The basic kit supplies a easy solution to deter bears, raccoons, wild hogs, or other similar-sized nuisance animals. Contains netting, repair kit, t-handle ground rod, fence and ground connectors, 5-light fence tester, an additional jumper lead, and installation instructions.

  • <b>Color:</b> Green, White and Orange
  • <b>Material:</b> Poliwire
  • <b>Size:</b> fifty ft.
  • <b>Weight:</b> 10 pounds

Sale price $186.41
Save on normal price of $242.33

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