Fireman Bear Brigade and Firefighter Teddy Bears

When there's trouble, the fireman bear brigade will jump into action without hesitation. These firefighter bears are true heros. Buy one for to protect the homes of friends or family or as a special treat for yourself.

Teddy bears make great firefighters. After all, they're brave, sturdy and never give up easily. Just think of their wild friends who sometimes visit holiday parks or simlar places where us humans leave food. Bears will keep going and break in to almost anything, even cars. That's quite a good skill to have when you're tryng to get through jammed doors and windows of a burning building!

Fire has been around since planet Earth was born and humans have put fire to practical use since ancient history. Evidence of cooked food dating back 1.9 million years has been discovered although the use of fire in a controlled fashion is thought to have happened later at around 400,000 years ago. When kept under control it has been an invaluable friend, not just in helping us cook food for palatable meals, but for keeping us warm and even for producing electricity. It's when we lose control of fire that it turns around from being friend to becoming deadly enemy.

People have undoubtedly been fighting to put out dangerous fires since history began, but the first evidence of an organised firefighting force is from ancient Egypt where it is thought that pumps operated by hand were used to put out fires.

In Rome, an enterprising Roman named Marcus Licinius Crassus, born around 115 BC formed a fire brigade with a ruthlessly profitable way of operating. When the brigade arrived at a burning building, they would not start attempting to put out the fire until Marcus Licinius Crassus had negotiated a price for their services with the owner. If a price could not be agreed upon, the building would be left to burn to the ground, whereupon Marcus Licinius Crassus would then try to buy the wreck at a bargain price. Later, around 2BC an organsation known as the Vigiles formed a service which patrolled the streets acting as a combined police and firefighting force which evenually numbered in the hundreds. If a fire happened, they would stand in a line between the nearest source of water and pass buckets to douse the fire.

One of the most heroic occasions in modern history for firemen and firewomen was undoubtedly the selfless bravery of the firefighters on 11th September 2001 at the attack on the win Towers of the World Trade Center. Share in the appreciation of the valiance of all firefighters throughout the world by having a fireman bear to keep your home safe.

Teddy Bear FiremanTeddy Bear Fireman

Teddy Bear Fireman

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