Kris the Swarovski Crystal Teddy Bear

Kris is a cute little Swarovski crystal teddy bear who gets up to all sorts of antics! You can see him having fun in his various activities throughout these pages. Let Kris bring his sparkling joy to your own home or as a collectible gift figurine for someone special.

I love the way that Swarovski have given Kris a great personality in his figurines and stances. Kris is a teddy with a heart of gold and will always be happy to bring a shining light of happiness wherever he goes. He's evidently a fun loving fellow who enjoys music with his particular liking for the accordion and drums.

Summer is the time when Kris is out enjoying the warm sun. Being a nature lover, he loves to sniff the beautiful flowers with his big wet nose. One bloom he is particularly fond of is the sunflower - these flowers are so tall that Kris has to look up to enjoy their bright yellow colour. Before the flowers fade at the end of the season, Kriss will often be seen picking one or two to bring back to someone special like you to keep as a memory of those sunny days.

One of Kris' favourite time of the year seems to be Christmas, which will definitely see him celebrating with all the joys of the season. You certainly won't find this little bear hibernating during the winter season either, as there's way too much for an active bear to do in the ice and snow.

On a typical winter morning Kris will begin with a nice bowl of porridge - not too hot and not too cold - and will quietly contemplate his busy day ahead. It's cold outside in the wintertime, so he always ensures that he's suitably dressed for the weather.

Being made by fine crystal creators, Swarovski, Kriss is an Austrian chap which is great for our friendly teddy bear as it means he has lots of mountains to explore in his local regions. Once he's all kitted out with a fashionable scarf, he'll make his way to the top of his favorite mountain .

The people at the top of the mountain may think it odd to see a bear with skis, but as soon as he pushes off on his way down the steep slope with his ski sticks or sled, they all gasp in amazement. This crystal teddy bear is a brilliant skier and sledder, and he's only a beginner too!

After a totally invigorating that journey ski-ing or sledding down the mountain, Kris the Swarovski Crystal Bear will usually enjoy a snack of his favorite food. He's always prepared with a a pot of honey brought along with him, and contentedly enjoys the sticky sweet taste.

One afternoon, after his tasty snack of honey, our happy crystal teddy bear, Kris, found a frozen lake near the bottom of the mountain which he had skied down earlier. He couldn't believe his luck - a chance to try out his new skates! Whoops, it was trickier than it looked, but after a few minutes, Kris was skating around the pond with ease, and even had a go at a few twists, turns and jumps. It's amazing what a determined little bear can do when he tries!

While Kris had been having fun on the snow and ice, he hadn't realised that there was an Olympic scout in the area who had spotted Kris dislaying his new-found skills. Impressed at Kris's abilities, the scout offered him a place on the national Winter Olympic team. Kris jumped at the opportunity and decided to have a celebration, with a colourful ballon and song party.

You can join Kris in his celebration, or get him for your own celebratory occasion or as a gift for someone special. Kris Bear is made in ultra-high quality crystal by first class crystalmakers, Swarovski and is sure to bring a sparkle to your life

5185778 Crystal Kris Bear - Heart Balloons5185778 Crystal Kris Bear - Heart Balloons


  • Crystal Kris Bear
  • First assist Antiseptic
  • Designed by Elke Huber the Piece Features Pink and Red Heart-Shaped Balloons Suspended Above the Happy Couple
  • An perfect Valentines Day Gift Anniversary Present or Wedding Cake Topper
  • Decoration Object
  • Not a Toy
  • Not Suitable for Children Under 15
  • <b>Dimension:</b> 6.2 x 4.5 x 3.3 cm

Sale price $151.30
Save on normal price of $196.69

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